Super Typhoon Sanba (Karen) Afternoon Update September 14, 2012

Here is our latest video update on Typhoon Sanba (Karen) which remains a powerful Category 5 Super Typhoon according to JTWC; a “Violent” Typhoon according to JMA.

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Latest satellite image suggest that Sanba may have reached its peak intensity and that the onset of the eyewall replacement cycle may help weaken the system in the next 24 hours. However, please do not take this storm lightly. Unlike Bolaven (which barely brought typhoon force winds 2 weeks ago), Sanba is a very tight system and even if it weakens, it is still forecast to retain that powerful Category 4 intensity.

Based on the latest movement and forecasts, Tropical Storm winds of around 65kph could begin in Okinawa tomorrow afternoon (Saturday) accompanied by squally rain showers. Weather will continue deteriorating throughout Saturday evening. Peak winds of around 220kph could be felt in Okinawa between the hours of 3am to 9am Japan Time. Along with damaging winds, rains of up to 300mm also possible in Okinawa and nearby islands.

After that, Sanba will head towards the Korean Peninsula perhaps making landfall in South Korea (100 to 150km west of Busan) by early Monday morning. By this time, Sanba will have weakened but still a strong Category 2 or even a Category 3 Typhoon.

This is a very dangerous storm. Please heed all the warnings and make precautions now especially if you are in Okinawa! As always, continue to check out JMA, Kadena Weather, and KMA for the latest OFFICIAL warnings and forecasts for your area.

We’ll continue to give updates throughout the weekend and our meteorologist Robert Speta is actually heading to Okinawa to intercept Sanba together with James Reynolds. Stay safe everyone!

-WxCaster PAT

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