Super Typhoon Jelawat (Bagyong Lawin) Afternoon Update September 27, 2012

Here is our latest Video Update on Super Typhoon Jelawat (Bagyong Lawin) east of Luzon and also on Tropical Storm Ewiniar near Iwo To. Update on Jelawat starts at the beginning while our update on Tropical Storm Ewiniar begins at around the 10:59 mark. Again, thank you for watching our lengthy yet in-depth video update!

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Typhoon Jelawat continues to move northward near the Batanes Islands and Taiwan. Outer rain bands are currently impacting the region, including Northern Luzon, with some stations in the Philippines reporting 50mm in the past 12 hours. Furthermore, tropical storm winds are beginning to be reported in the Yaeyema Islands of Japan despite the center still far from the area.

As of 5pm this afternoon, PAGASA has now raised Public Storm Warning Signal #3 for Batanes Group of Islands for possible typhoon-force winds in the next 12 to 24 hours. Signal #2 for Cagayan, Calayan, and Babuyan Group of Islands. Signal #1 is in effect for Ilocos Norte, Kalinga, Apayao, Abra, and Isabela. Provinces mentioned should expect strong winds to remain in the next 24 hours along with the possibility of heavy rains that could bring as much as 50mm. Batanes Islands could actually see 100mm of rain tonight and tomorrow along with winds of up to 120 to 140kph.

CWB Radar from Taiwan

Please visit the Central Weather Bureau for the latest radar images, warnings, and forecasts for Taiwan. You can access CWB by clicking HERE

Jelawat is forecast to move northward and then turn northeastward in the next 2 days. It will spare Taiwan but could move near Ishigaki and the rest of the Yaeyema Islands by tomorrow bringing typhoon winds along with heavy rains. By Saturday, Jelawat is forecast to weaken to a Category 2 or a Category 3 Typhoon and could actually make landfall in Okinawa by Saturday afternoon. It may be weakening, but Jelawat will still be a very powerful typhoon once it hits Okinawa so please do not take this storm lightly and should begin your preparations now!

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Ewiniar continues to move northward but is staying well south of Honshu. Despite the distance, some light rain showers along with strong winds are being reported in Southeastern Honshu and the Izu Islands. Some of those rains could also impact Tokyo tonight and tomorrow but is not expected to be significant. Ewiniar is expected to stay far from Honshu as it turns to the northeast, accelerating as it interacts with the strong westerly winds.

The video and the forecasts herein are NOT OFFICIAL! Please continue checking out your country’s weather bureau for the latest official warnings and forecasts for your area. Stay safe!

-WxCaster PAT

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