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Typhoon Jelawat Early Evening Update September 30, 2012

Here is our latest update on Typhoon Jelawat which is now moving into the Chubu Region in Honshu.

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According to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), Jelawat made landfall in the Kii Peninsula at around 12pm or 1pm. It moved back to the water and is currently making landfall in the Mie Prefecture. Widespread rains continue to fall across much of Honshu. Many stations have already received 300mm of rain in the past 12 hours alone and more rains are on the way. As much as 500mm of rain is possible in some areas, especially in mountainous areas, as we head into tomorrow. Aside from the rains, strong winds and high waves continue to batter the coasts of Honshu. Some stations have reported sustained winds of around 80kph along with occasional gusts of 150kph.

Also in the video are updates on the two low pressure areas (update begins at 7:11) which have actually been upgraded to Tropical Depressions by the JMA. One is near Guam and the other is located in the South China Sea. Both systems have a good chance of becoming Tropical Storms in the next few days.

While Jelawat may be weakening at this point, it still is a dangerous storm! Stay safe!

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