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Tropical Storm Prapiroon (Bagyong Nina) Afternoon Update October 8, 2012

Here is our latest video update on Tropical Storm Prapiroon or Bagyong Nina. We also briefly look at the weather across the Philippines.

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The storm continues to intensify as it slowly moves across the Philippine Sea. Conditions are favorable for further development and could allow Prapiroon to become a typhoon by as early as tomorrow. While the intensity forecasts are in good agreement overall, same can’t be said for the track. Computer models and forecast agencies are still in disagreement with regards to the future of Prapiroon. We are expecting a highly complex atmosphere this week in terms of steering factors which will be difficult to accurately predict this early. However, we are somewhat certain that Prapiroon will slow down and remain in this region for at least another 3 days and not directly impact any land–yet.

-WxCaster PAT