Tropical Storm Prapiroon (Nina) and Maria Early Evening Update October 17, 2012

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Here is our latest Video Update on Tropical Storms Prapiroon (Bagyong Nina) and Maria which continue to move across the Western


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Tropical Storm Prapiroon is now moving at decent pace after meandering in the Philippine Sea region for days. The system is currently moving near the Okinawa Islands bringing strong Tropical Storm-force winds and moderate rains. Winds of up to 100kph along with rainfall amounts of 100 to 150mm are possible tonight and into tomorrow across the islands. Prapiroon is forecast to start turning more to the east by tomorrow, accelerating along the way. The system will be moving south of Mainland Japan and will not be a significant threat unless perhaps for rough waves along the coast. Prapiroon is forecast to become an extra-tropical cyclone as early as Friday as it moves across the Northern Pacific.

Radar from JMA

Latest radar out of Okinawa shows bands of light to moderate rains moving across Okinawa, Amami, and nearby islands. Stations here are already reporting 50mm of rain in the past 6 hours alone and more could be on the way. We expect as much as 100 or even 150mm of rain to fall by tomorrow. Along with the heavy rains, winds of up to 100kph have also been recorded in the islands. These stormy conditions will persist throughout the night affecting Okinawa, Amami, Daito, and the nearby islands in the Ryukyus. We expect weather conditions to quiet down later tomorrow as Prapiroon moves away to the northeast. For more radar images, warnings, and forecasts for Japan, please click HERE (JMA Website)

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Maria is now moving away from the Ogasawara Islands after bringing gusty winds and heavy rains there yesterday. Maria is now over the Northern Pacific and will continue moving quickly to the northeast. The system is forecast to become extra-tropical as early as tomorrow and will no longer be a threat to land.

Here is an infra-red satellite image from NRLMRY showing the locations of the systems we are talking about today.

Please continue to check with your local officials (JMA, JTWC, Kadena Weather, etc) for the latest updates and warnings for your area. Stay safe!

-WxCaster PAT

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