Typhoon Son-Tinh Early Evening Update October 27, 2012

Here is our latest Video Update on Tropical Storm Son-Tinh (Bagyong Ofel) and also a brief update on Hurricane Sandy in the Atlantic Basin.

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4Hd3aZtoWY”%5D

Son-Tinh has intensified into a Typhoon earlier today and is now moving between Hainan Island and Vietnam. Rain bands are already impacting both areas and have already brought nearly 50mm of rain across Hainan. More rains are on the way and the conditions in the region will only get worse, especially for Vietnam as we expect Son-Tinh to make landfall there early tomorrow morning (Sunday).

Hainan Radar from CMA

Latest Radar image from Hainan Island shows the bands of light to moderate rain with pockets of heavy rain impacting the island; some showers are moving as far north as Leizhou Peninsla. Many areas are now reporting more than 50mm of rain since this morning and more are on the way. Furthermore, winds of 30 to 40kph are also being reported along the southern coast of Hainan Island. Stormy conditions here in Hainan will linger throughout tonight. For the latest radar images, forecasts, and warnings from China Meteorological Administration, please click HERE

Looking at the latest data, Son-Tinh might actually intensify a little bit more tonight before leveling off once it nears the Vietnamese Coast. The forecast for Son-Tinh is a landfall roughly 200km south of Hanoi tomorrow as a weakening typhoon. Winds of up to 120kph and rainfall amounts of up to 100mm possible. Son-Tinh is then forecast to slow down significantly and could linger around Hanoi and Northern Vietnam potentially bringing huge amounts of rainfall in the region. Eventually, Son-Tinh is forecast to weaken to a depression by Monday but its remnants will surely continue bringing rains not only in Vietnam but perhaps across Guangxi Province in Southwestern China as well; even neighboring countries in the Indochina Region may see some rainfall too.

For more info on Hurricane Sandy in the United States, please visit our affiliate 28storms.com

Stay safe!

-WxCaster PAT

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