Typhoon Bopha Afternoon Update | December 1, 2012

Here is our latest Video Update on Bopha which has rapidly intensified from a Tropical Storm yesterday to a Strong Typhoon this afternoon.

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1L2o34GIH0″%5D

The National Weather Service has now issued Typhoon Warning for a Palau while a Typhoon Watch is up for Yap State. A Typhoon Warning means that winds greater than 73mph (117kph) are expected within 24 hours. Bopha is a very dangerous typhoon and residents in Palau must prepare now! The worst conditions are forecast to occur beginning Sunday afternoon and would last into early Monday morning. Winds of as high as 180kph may be felt especially along the coast. Rainfall amounts of up to 250mm and storm surges will also be a threat for Palau and its atolls. For more warnings and forecasts from NWS, please click HERE

Here is a brief summary on the timeline for Palau (local time):

12pm: Light rain showers from Bopha’s outer bands could start impacting the islands

3pm: Tropical Storm winds of 65kph or higher may start impacting Palau. Rain showers increase in intensity

6pm: Winds of near-Typhoon strength may start to be felt along with bands of moderate to heavy rains

9pm: Typhoon-force winds of up to 120-140kph could impact the islands at this time. Heavy rains continue

12am (Monday): Worst conditions with winds of as high as 180kph along with very heavy rains

3am: Typhoon-force winds continue as Bopha passes across the islands. Destructive winds possible

6am: Winds starting to weaken although they may still be around typhoon-force; heavy rains continue as well

9am: Strong winds continue as the back-side of Bopha is still passing through. Rains continue

12pm: Winds may weaken to tropical-storm force although conditions will still be dangerous.

Please note that the timeline above is NOT OFFICIAL and is based on computer models and forecasts from Weather Agencies. Here is the National Weather Service’s Official Forecast Track for Bopha:

As for the Philippines, the track has been shifted slightly to the south by day 4 and day 5. This means that the landfall point has moved to the northern portions of Mindanao, particularly in the Surigao area. As of the latest forecast, the timing of the worst conditions could occur between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. After that, Bopha will towards Central Visayas impacting several islands and cities along the way. The system should weaken after landfall but may maintain typhoon status until Thursday. Keep in mind that the system is still three days away but be sure to start preparing now and always listen to the news for the latest updates. Bopha is expected to enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility by tomorrow evening (Sunday) or early Monday morning and when it does, PAGASA will assign the local name “Bagyong Pablo”.

Stay safe!

-WxCaster PAT


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