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TD Bising Afternoon Update | January 12, 2013

Here is our latest Video Update on Tropical Depression (Bagyong Bising).

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This weak cyclone is moving just east of Luzon but not really bringing any significant impacts in the Philippines. However, some cities along the coast have seen up to 200mm of rain since yesterday. Cities across Isabela, Aurora, Quezon, and parts of the Bicol Region reported 50 to 200mm with some minor flooding as well. Thankfully, much of the rains are forecast to be much lighter and their coverage smaller. 2-Day Rainfall Forecast below shows where we expect the heaviest rains to fall in relation to the track of Bising. As you can see, amounts should be lighter across Luzon as much of the clouds are located over the Philippine Sea.

2-Day Rainfall and TD Forecast (NOT OFFICIAL!)

2 day rainfall forecast 1

TD Bising is forecast to continue moving northward and then turn northeastward away from Luzon. It is forecast to quickly transition into an extra-tropical system by Monday and could even become an intense mid-latitude cyclone as it moves south of Japan by the middle part of next week. Check out Robert Speta’s update on this possibility.

-WxCaster PAT