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Typhoon Soulik (Huaning) Evening Video Update

Here’s our latest Video Update:

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Typhoon Soulik has weakened as it nears the Southern Japanese Islands.In fact, latest wind reports are already starting to show winds between 30 to 40kph and will continue to get stronger as the night goes on.

JMA Wind Reports in Yaeyema/Miyakojima

jma wind 1

We expect conditions there to worsen tonight and into tomorrow especially in Miyakojima, Ishigaki, and Yaeyema where strong damaging winds, heavy rains, and high waves are possible.

Taiwan should also see deteriorating conditions by tomorrow afternoon with landfall expected to occur late tomorrow night or early Saturday morning. Soulik is forecast to move very closely to the city of Taipei by Saturday morning as a Category 2 Typhoon.

Here is but one of the many models we use in forecast and this certain model (COAMPS) is showing rainfall accumulation of more than 500mm in Northern Taiwan through the next 3 days. The huge amount of rainfall forecast by this model could certainly cause flooding and landslides.


coamps rain 1

If you haven’t done so already, please begin to stock up on supplies and always consult with the local officials and weather bureau for the latest warnings and forecasts for your area. Stay safe!

-WxCaster PAT


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