Archive | July 20, 2013

Tropical Depression approaching Hanoi, plus an update on Super Swirl and a disturbance near Mindanao

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There is still a little bit of action left in the Western Pacific basin today.  The tropical depression we’ve been following off the coast of Vietnam is continuing to drift it’s way northwestward to the Hanoi area.  As of 0600Z, JMA placed the center of circulation about 255 km southeast of Hanoi.  This depression is expected to drift inland overnight/tomorrow morning providing rainshowers and thunderstorms for northern Vietnam and portions of southern China.

Meanwhile, the Super Swirl we’ve been tracking for the past few days–Invest 95W–continues to march toward Taiwan with little change in organization.  This is expected to be the case in the forecast, as well.

Lastly, Invest 96W appears to be the most well defined of the three systems.  It is positioned about 345 km ENE of Davao City, Philippines.  This disturbance is seeing some deep convection beginning to wrap around the center of circulation, but a short-term battle with wind shear and land interaction will delay any development.