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Tropical Depression approaching Hanoi, plus an update on Super Swirl and a disturbance near Mindanao

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There is still a little bit of action left in the Western Pacific basin today.  The tropical depression we’ve been following off the coast of Vietnam is continuing to drift it’s way northwestward to the Hanoi area.  As of 0600Z, JMA placed the center of circulation about 255 km southeast of Hanoi.  This depression is expected to drift inland overnight/tomorrow morning providing rainshowers and thunderstorms for northern Vietnam and portions of southern China.

Meanwhile, the Super Swirl we’ve been tracking for the past few days–Invest 95W–continues to march toward Taiwan with little change in organization.  This is expected to be the case in the forecast, as well.

Lastly, Invest 96W appears to be the most well defined of the three systems.  It is positioned about 345 km ENE of Davao City, Philippines.  This disturbance is seeing some deep convection beginning to wrap around the center of circulation, but a short-term battle with wind shear and land interaction will delay any development.

Tropical Storm Cimaron Early Evening Update

Tropical Storm Cimaron (Formerly Isang) is now about to make landfall in the province of Fujian. The storm was last located approximately 60km south of Xiamen or about 370km southwest of Taipei. Latest JMA Warning puts the maximum sustained winds at 75kph with gusts of up to 110kph. TS Cimaron is moving north northwestward at 20kph.

Radar Image from CMA

cma radar 1

Latest radar image out of Fujian Province shows the center of Cimaron pushing northward and nearing landfall. Light to moderate rains are already being reported along the coast, including Xiamen. As much as 100 to even 150mm of rain could be possible through tonight and into tomorrow. For the latest radar image and forecasts from China, please click HERE (CMA Official Website).

Tropical Storm Cimaron should make landfall within the vicinity of Xiamen later tonight. Strong winds and heavy rains should be expected especially near the center of the storm. Upon landfall, Cimaron should weaken rapidly and could completely dissipate by tomorrow.

-WxCaster PAT

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Tropical Storm Cimaron (Isang) Evening Update

Tropical Storm Cimaron is now moving across Luzon Strait after making landfall in the northern tip of Cagayan earlier today. Heavy rains and strong winds continue across Extreme Northern Luzon as well as the islands north of it (Babuyan, Batanes, Calayan). TS Cimaron will continue moving northwestward eventually making landfall in Guangdong Province in Southeastern China by tomorrow evening (Thursday) or early Friday morning. Rains will also affect the southern half of Taiwan by tonight and into tomorrow.

For more info, watch our Video Update below:

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Tropical Depression 08W (Isang) Early Evening Update

We have our latest Video Update on Tropical Depression 08W (Bagyong Isang) which continues to spin up just east of the Philippines. The system is currently in the early stages of cyclone development with weak and disorganized convection. Nevertheless, the proximity of the system to the island of Luzon is causing rain showers to fall across the island particularly on the Eastern sections. Furthermore, isolated thunderstorm are also popping across Central and Southern Luzon which could bring heavy rains and strong winds in a short amount of time.

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For the latest radar image and rainfall data, please click HERE (ClimateX PH).

Tropical Depression 08W is forecast to continue moving slowly to the northwest. TD 08W could brush the coast of the province of Cagayan by tomorrow (Wednesday) as a weak Tropical Storm. After Luzon, the system is forecast to head north and could move towards Taiwan by Thursday and Friday.

We’ll continue to have updates on this depression so continue to check back. As always, if you live in the affected areas in Northern Luzon, make sure to coordinate with the official weather bureau (PAGASA) and your local officials for the latest warnings in your area. Stay safe!

-WxCaster PAT