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STS Kong-Rey (Nando) Morning Update

Tropical Storm last located approximately 130km northeast of Basco, Batanes or about 430km south southeast of Taipei, Taiwan. Japan Meteorological Agency has upgraded Kong-Rey to a Severe Tropical Storm with maximum sustained winds of up to 95kph and gusts that could reach up to 130kph. STS Kong-Rey is currently moving north northwestward at 15kph.

Latest reports from Batanes Islands indicate winds of up to 65kph along with heavy rains. Rest of the islands including Northern Luzon will continue to experience stormy conditions today with the possibility of flooding and landslides still lingering. Residents in these areas should continue to monitor the local news and PAGASA for the latest warnings.

Radar Image from CWB (Taiwan)

cwb radar

Meanwhile, latest radar image from the Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan shows the center of circulation of Kong-Rey moving just southeast of the island. Outer bands of light to moderate rains are also starting to move closer and could affect Taiwan later this morning. We expect up to 150mm to even 200mm of rain falling across portions of Taiwan over the next 24 o 36 hours. For the latest warnings and radar images from Taiwan, please click HERE (CWB Website).

JMA continues to forecast Kong-Rey becoming a Typhoon by tomorrow. We are starting to see convection improving and the inner structure becoming more organized as well. As the wind shear continues to slightly weaken, Kong-Rey should continue to intensify throughout the day today. However, the proximity of the storm to the island of Taiwan could limit that intensification.

We’ll have more updates on Kong-Rey throughout the day. Stay safe!

-WxCaster PAT

Tropical Storm Kong-Rey (Nando) Morning Update

Tropical Storm Kong-Rey (Bagyong Nando) has intensified overnight as it moves just east of Luzon. The center was last located approximately 230km east of Aparri, Cagayan or 300km southeast of Basco, Batanes. Maximum sustained winds are at 75kph with gusts of up to 110kph according to JMA’s latest warning. Kong-Rey is currently moving northward at 15kph.

As of 5am this morning, PAGASA has raised Public Storm Warning Signal #2 for Batanes Group of Islands, Signal #1 for Cagayan, Calayan Islands, Babuyan Islands, Apayao, and Isabela. These provinces should continue to have stormy conditions with strong winds and widespread light to moderate rains. Seas will be rough and coastlines should expect high waves.

Radar Image from Aparri (PAGASA)

Widespread rains continue to affect parts of Northern Luzon as seen on this radar image from Aparri, courtesy of PAGASA. Many stations especially in Cagayan, Apayao, and Ilocos Norte are reporting rainfall rates of up to 20mm per hour. Some places have also recorded as much as 100mm of rain since last night increasing the chances of flooding and landslides. Keep checking PAGASA and your local news stations for the latest information on the storm and warnings for your area.

Moderate northeasterly wind shear is making it somewhat difficult for Kong-Rey to steadily intensify. However, wind shear is forecast to slowly weaken that could allow Kong-Rey to intensify to a Severe Tropical Storm in the next 2 days. In fact, JMA is forecasting Kong-Rey to become a typhoon by as early as Thursday! Of course, we’ll be closely watching the progression of this system over the next few days.

-WxCaster PAT

Trami Wednesday Evening Update

Waves Crash ashore in northern Taiwan. Source : James Reynolds

Severe Tropical Storm Trami continues to pass about 100 km north of Taipei this evening, spreading torrential rain across a majority of the island.  In addition to strong winds and heavy rains, landslides, flash floods and coastal flooding is expected as Trami continues to move westward.  Fuijan province looks to take the brunt of Trami as it makes landfall Thursday morning.  Again, strong winds and heavy rains are expected to make hazardous conditions in eastern China.

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Flooding In Manila Wednesday

Tropical Storm Trami (Maring) Morning Update

Tropical Storm Trami (Bagyong Maring) continues to slowly intensify as it moves across the Philippine Sea. The storm was last located approximately 530km south southeast of Okinawa. Maximum sustained winds according to JMA are up now to 95kph with gusts of up to 130kph making Trami a Severe Tropical Storm. Trami is moving northward at 15kph.

Tropical Storm Trami should continue moving northward and then gradually turn to the northwest later today in response to a strengthening subtropical ridge. It should also continue intensifying slowly and could become a typhoon by tomorrow. Trami should then move near the Ishigaki and Yaeyema Islands in Japan and then towards Northern Taiwan by late Wednesday into early Thursday morning.

Radar Image from ClimateX PH


Meanwhile, strong southwest monsoon continue to bring widespread rains across Central and Southern Luzon especially the Metro Manila area. As much as 100mm of rain fell again last night causing flooding yet again in the Metro. The Philippine Government has suspended work again today and several cities and municipalities have cancelled classes. Up to 100mm is still expected today which definitely won’t help in easing the flood waters across the region. Always be updated through your local news stations for the latest warnings and situation in your area. For the latest radar images and rainfall forecasts, click HERE (ClimateX).

Stay safe!

-WxCaster PAT