Tropical Storm Trami (Maring) beginning the recurve west



Tropical Storm Trami (Philippines name Maring) is now beginning to track north-northeast as it transitions from a eastward moving cyclone to a westward moving cyclone.  Meanwhile, Trami is enhancing the Southwest Monsoon, bring heavy rainfall and flooding throughout portions of Luzon.  Media reports from the Philippines are indicating at least three deaths have occurred from the cyclone as well as several injuries, mainly due to vehicular accidents.  As Trami moves away from the Philippines, it would threaten the Miyako

Trami Satellite

and Yaeyama Islands as possibly  a severe tropical storm before threatening Taipei, potentially as a typhoon.  Atmospheric conditions favor slow strengthening, but the models lose confidence as it approaches Taiwan–this may be significant as the strongest winds are expected to be on the north side of Trami.  A slight shift toward the north would save Taipei from a landfall and typhoon-force winds.  By Thursday, however, Trami should make landfall Fujian or Zhejiang province in eastern China.


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