Archive | November 17, 2013

Western Pacific Weather Outlook

The tropics are–thankfully–relatively quiet.  In the near term, we’re watching a wave east-southeast of Palau that is associated with the ITCZ.  This feature is not anticipated to develop.  By mid-week, the remnants of Tropical Storm Podul, which made landfall Friday morning in southern Vietnam, may redevelop over the Bay of Bengal, affecting coastal India.  Meanwhile, another low develops off Indonesia moving west-northwest.  This circulation would cross the Gulf of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and southern Thailand before emerging in the Bay of Bengal toward the end of this upcoming week.  If the models are on-point, this could strengthen into a well-developed tropical cyclone over the Bay of Bengal before impacting coastal India by the end of next weekend… but we’ll continue to monitor the trend of the forecast models on this feature.

Meanwhile, a developing front is over the Sea of Japan currently.  This front will bring gusty winds to western Japan as well as rain and snow showers for northern Honshu and Hokkaido before moving northeast by mid-week.  To close the week, high pressure from China will spread across the Korean Peninsula and Japan, bringing fair conditions.

More details below in the video.

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