Caloy Saturday Evening Update

In a strange turn of events, PAGASA has downgraded Tropical Depression Caloy as it nears Surigao City.  Now that they consider it a low pressure area, all Public Storm Warning Signals have been lowered.

That said, Japan Meteorological Agency and Joint Typhoon Warning Center is still analyzing this system as a tropical depression.  Additionally, regardless of the meteorological title, this does not diminish the main threat from the storm:  Heavy rainfall.  Over the course of the weekend and the beginning of next week, heavy rainfall will occur throughout a majority of the Philippines, especially on the windward side of islands and predominately in the central and eastern Visayas.  Rainfall totals of at least 100 mm are forecast to occur throughout a majority of the Visayas with isolated amounts in excess of 300 mm are expected.

Contributing from the heavy rainfall, the threat of flooding (especially in low-lying area) and mudslides persists.

We’ll continue to monitor the progress of Caloy as it moves slowly westward over the Visayas.


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