Western Pacific Weather Outlook

Greetings and Happy Monday!  We’re tracking a couple of weather topics for your upcoming week across the Western Pacific.

First, Japan Meteorological Agency downgraded Tropical Depression Caloy earlier today as it enters the South China Sea.  Moisture associated with this system as well as unsettled weather affecting Palau will continue to bring increased showers to the Philippines into Tuesday.

The main theme across China, Korea, and Japan will be high pressure bringing warm and fair conditions across the week.  A couple of exceptions:  First, a low pressure area develops late Tuesday near South Korea.  That will bring showers to them before moving into southern Japan on Wednesday.  Then, by Friday, a Shanghai Low develops off the coast of China bringing strong winds and heavy rain to South Korea and much of Japan through the weekend.  This may bring yet another round of snow for northern Honshu and Hokkaido Sunday evening into Monday.

Meanwhile, in the tropics, there is a hint of a developing low across eastern Micronesia over next weekend.  Still too early to put much faith into the forecast, but increased showers are forecast across Micronesia to start next week.

Of course, we’ll continue to monitor the progress of these systems and enjoy the high pressure while it’s around!

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