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Typhoon Matmo (Henry) Night Update | July 22, 2014

Typhoon Matmo (Bagyong Henry) is bearing down on Taiwan.  At 12Z, the center of circulation was located 95 km east-southeast of Taitung, Taiwan, moving northwest at 25 km/h.  Winds are up to 130 km/h with higher gusts up to 185 km/h.  The eye is expected to make landfall shortly.  Meanwhile, torrential rainfall is affecting all of Taiwan this evening, bringing flooding conditions and mudslides.

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As mentioned earlier, we are monitoring the highest flood threat occurring along the eastern side of Taiwan.  The Central Weather Bureau has posted rain warnings for the entire nation as the rainbands associated with the typhoon continue to move through overnight.  The latest warnings can be found at the CWB’s website:

matmo flood threat

We’ll continue to monitor the progress of Matmo as it impacts Taiwan and eastern China.  Stay posted here and continue to follow the advice of your local meteorological office.  Stay safe!

Typhoon Matmo (Henry) Evening Update | July 22, 2014

Typhoon Matmo (Bagyong Henry) is now nearing Taiwan and will likely make landfall there in 3 to 6 hours. Winds of up to 200kph and heavy rains of 50mm per hour are already being reported along the eastern coast. Weather conditions in Taiwan will continue deteriorating overnight as the system crosses the island. Watch WxCaster PAT’s latest Video Update for more info on the rains and where the system will head.

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Radar Image from CWB

matmo radar

Latest radar image from the Central Weather Bureau in Taiwan shows the eye of Matmo in relation to the island. Bands of light to moderate rains, with some pockets of Heavy Rains, continue to move from the east. Taitung and Hualien Counties are already seeing significant rains which will only get worse as they spread westward across much of Taiwan. CWB has already issued numerous Heavy Rain Advisories in the area. For the latest Radar Images and warnings, please click HERE (CWB Website)

matmo flood threat

Based on the latest computer model output, we’re expecting anywhere from 300 to 500mm of rain to fall across Taiwan over the next 24 hours. However, mountainous locations may receive up to 800mm of rain. This will increase the chances of landslides and flooding especially in low-lying areas and in the valleys. We’ve highlighted the potential for significant flooding especially in Hualien County as it will be on the right side of the circulation as Matmo makes landfall later tonight.

Matmo will weaken as it exits into the Taiwan Strait by tomorrow morning and then make landfall in Fujian Province in China by tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday). It will rapidly weaken as it moves farther inland but will still be bringing widespread rains in the region.

Please follow the forecasts and warnings of your local officials! We’ll keep you updated on our website as well, and as always stay safe!