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Weekend update- January 9/10, 2016

NWPAC outlook, 9-10 JAN

NWPAC outlook, 9-10 JAN

The first weekend of 2016 brings no surprises as the deep freeze stays put in the northern region, more rain falls in the central region, and the southern region sees more intense heat.


Icy cold remains entrenched north of China, as Mongolia and eastern Russia stay well below freezing. Temperatures will be cold in northern China and Korea as well, with highs just barely peaking above the 0C (32F) mark. Afternoon highs will be considerably warmer to the south and east. One weak weather disturbance is moving away from Japan, and another weak system is forecast to ride along the eastern seaboard this weekend. These two systems are expected to draw moisture into the cooler air and bring the first good snowfall of the season to Japan, especially in Hokkaido and the higher elevations of northern and central Honshu. Central and eastern china will see clouds and rain as a new weather system gets organized over the area.

City Sat. High C (F) Sun. High C (F) Conditions (Sat/Sun)
Ulaanbaatar -17 (1) -17 (1) Fair/Pt. Cloudy
Vladivostok -3 (27) -9 (16) Fair/Fair
Beijing 3 (37) 2 (36) Fair/Fair
Seoul 2 (36) 3 (37) Fair/Pt. Cloudy
Tokyo 11 (52) 12 (54) Fair/Fair
Xi’an 8 (46) 8 (46) Fair/Cloudy
Shanghai 9 (48) 11 (62) Fair/Rain



More rain will fall this weekend over a good portion of the central region, as one weather disturbance pulls away from the coast of Taiwan, and another developing wave of energy in southern China passes through. Conditions will go slowly downhill all weekend in southeastern China and Taiwan, while northern Indochina will see a washout from the onset. Along with the rainfall and cloudiness, temperatures will increase significantly in northern portions of Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand as the new developing storm system pulls up some very warm air from the south over the area.

City Sat. High C (F) Sun. High C (F) Conditions (Sat/Sun)
Kunming 14 (57) 14 (57) Pt. Cloudy/Pt. Cloudy
Hong Kong 20 (68) 20 (68) Pt. Cloudy/Cloudy
Taipei 19 (66) 23 (73) Cloudy/Cloudy
Iwo To 9 (48) 11 (62) Pt. Cloudy/Pt. Cloudy
Hanoi 25 (77) 27 (81) Sct. T-stms/Showers



It will be another scorcher this weekend across southern portions of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand this weekend, as a little atmospheric compression takes place with a developing storm system to the north. Central Vietnam and northern Cambodia will see more clouds and cooler temperatures, but areas to the south will bake this weekend. The seasonal northeast monsoon is helping keep humidity levels down just a bit across the northern Philippines, but the associated easterlies farther south will drag in some tropical energy this weekend across the southern portion of the archipelago, helping fire off a few clouds and showers. Farther south, showers are hit-and-miss across Indonesia and Brunei, while Singapore and Malaysia will see the usual dose of afternoon thunderstorms.

City Sat. High C (F) Sun. High C (F) Conditions (Sat/Sun)
Siem Reap 29 (84) 30 (86) Pt. Cloudy/Showers
Ho Chi Minh 34 (93) 35 (95) Fair/Fair
Manila 32 (90) 32 (90) Pt. Cloudy/Pt. Cloudy
Davao City 31 (88) 31 (88) T-storms/Pt. Cloudy
Brunei 31 (88) 31 (88) Thunderstorms/Fair
Singapore 31 (88) 32 (90) T-storms/T-storms



The tropics remain characteristically quiet this first weekend of 2016, at least on OUR side of the I.D.L. (International Date Line). Tropical storm 01C PALI has formed, in much the same general area as our old system from the last week of December, 99W/TD09C. The current forecast keeps the system on the east side of the date line, with dissipation sometime next week. Some mid and high-level outflow clouds are affecting the Marshall Islands as a result, but none are causing any rainfall. Elsewhere across the tropics, a “hybrid” trough is affecting eastern and central Micronesia, while another weak pulse of tropical energy is moving across western Micronesia and into the southern Philippines. Showers and thunderstorms are possible in areas affected by these two systems. Islands to the north of 10N latitude will see a nice weekend, with relatively cool temperatures and scattered clouds. Overall, it should be a pretty nice weekend across much of the tropics.

City Sat. High C (F) Sun. High C (F) Conditions (Sat/Sun)
Guam 28 (82) 27 (81) Pt. Cloudy/Pt. Cloudy
Yap 30 (86) 30 (86) Sct. T-stm/Thunderstorms
Palau 31 (88) 31 (88) T-storms/Pt. Cloudy
Chuuk 29 (84) 29 (84) Pt. Cloudy/Pt. Cloudy
Pohnpei 31 (88) 30 (86) Pt. Cloudy/Pt. Cloudy
Majuro 29 (84) 29 (84) Cloudy/Pt. Cloudy
Wake 28 (82) 27 (81) Fair/Pt. Cloudy

Have a superb weekend!

Courtesy: CIMSS, Tropical Tidbits,, Intellicast, MeteoEarth