First Snowfall in Tokyo, Tropical remain calm in the south

The Winter weather is the continue topic of conversation today as temperatures drop to dangerous levels in the north and the tropics remain calm in the south.


For example in Ulan Bator the mercury dipped to -37 Tuesday morning. This cold air is having impacts on the rest of East Asia though. In Hokkaido it dropped to -32 while in Tokyo it hit the freezing point ushering in the first snowfall of the 2015-2016 winter season. Later than normal by a week and a month later than last year.

Early morning snow in Tokyo

Early morning snow in Tokyo

The cold air is expected to stay in place in the north and also advect south over Japan and in to southern China this week.


In Japan sea effect snow will be persistent throughout the week moderate to heavy at times but do not expect any big dump or blizzard like conditions.

NHKWORLD explaining cold air over Japan

NHKWORLD explaining cold air over Japan


Tokyo heavy snow next week?

It is possible in fact, by Sunday in to Monday we could have decent snowfall in the Tokyo area. For now we are monitoring this event but is very well possible.

The Tropics


Nothing to really talk about, Pali is waaay out there east of the 180 line and is not expected to come west as a organized storm system.


Thus overall the Philippines is mainly dominated by the north east monsoon and local rain showers.


manilaCheck Michael’s post for the latest details on everywhere else.

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