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Possible Southern Coast Low Next Week In Japan. Watch out for it!

A modest but consistent snowfall is expected across the mountains of Honshu in Japan on Wednesday and Thursday before things start to clear up heading in to the weekend.

This will be a end result of persistent north westerly winds that have set up following a frontal area just off the coast of Honshu. This is great news and all and really has set up a scenario for the faucet to be on this week but it is nothing potent enough to make a violent stream and will be more of a constant flow.


All and all expect up to 5-10cm of snowfall for Nagano and Niigata in general with higher totals in Tohoku and Hokkaido. Up to 40-50cm for some areas in Northern Honshu.

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Snow outlook through Sunday

Snow outlook through Sunday

Temperatures will be cold over the coming days so a little chance of a freeze thaw even across the mountains. Any more days like that and we could have a serious avalanche risk on our hands.


Heading in to the weekend it looks Blue Bird for the most part but there could be spotty flurries here and there. This includes at Nozawa Onsen where the popular fire festival is coming up.



Things will remain cold over the coming days and mostly dry. Maybe a flurry or two is possible in inland Kanto on Wednesday night.


Long range?


Things will get interesting next week by Sunday and Monday when we get a potent southern coast low along the pacific coastline of Japan. This type of storm is known for being a big snow maker as long as the temperatures are cold enough (something we have been struggling with this winter) . If they are though you can expect wide spread heavy snow fall across central and northern Japan. Even in the Tokyo area as well.

Monday Storm Outlook

Monday Storm Outlook

For now though I will continue to monitor the forecast this coming weekend and see how this coming storm develops.


Good news is that behind this “southern coast low” the sea effect snow machine should crank up driving in heavy snowfall across the sea of Japan coastline through next week.