Heavy Snowfall Blackets Tokyo and Most of Japan

stormPretty much everyone has been impacted by the storm moving across Japan today. Heavy snowfall is in fact expected to fall from Hokkaido all the way south to Kyushu.


Okinawa looks like the only place in Japan that will not be seeing the white stuff, they will see a decent temperature drop though heading in to Tuesday and Wednesday.


While most of Japan is built for heavy snowfall especially along the West coast the Metro Tokyo area is not prepared at all. The roads are narrow and there is such limited snow to deserve a snow combating force.

There has been numerous train delays which is having a significant impact on commuters. Even here at my office in NHK people are showing up late on average 30m to a hour.

The photos below is from Sangen-jaya in Setagaya where long ques are up to just get on the train.


That is why most trains have been delayed Monday morning right at rush hour. Over 130 flights have been cancelled out of Haneda and several highways have been shut down.


At least 11 injuries have also been reported including one that was a result of a overturned minivan on a highway. (Below)


The forecast in Tokyo is improving though with the snow turning to a mushy rain by the afternoon hours. Other areas of Japan will continue to get more and more snow though with by the end of the wee over 200cm across parts of Hokkaido and Hokoriku.


In fact I will be in Tsugaike with Tokyosnowclub next weekend and truly am hoping for more snow in that region after a struggling start to the winter season.

 For updates for the rest of the Westpac check out Michaels Update today. 


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