Big Chill Underway this Weekend as Record Breaking Cold Temperatures Hit China and Japan

On the heels of a potent snow storm this past week that brought nearly 9ft (270cm) of snow in Northern Hokkaido we are looking at another round of the white stuff this coming weekend across much of Japan.

In fact this next cold surge will bring some of the coldest air this season if not this decade. Parts of Taiwan (GFS IMAGE BELOW VIA WXBELL) could get snow in the higher elevations while Taipei pushes near the freezing point in the overnight hours.


GFS Model Outlook

GFS Model Outlook

Naha will also be getting very close to the all time record lowest (high) temperature on Sunday as well with the high pushing nearly only 11C. Keep in mind if you are from a warmer climate and thinking “that is nothing”. Well it may be for you but take away your heating, your warm cloth, your house insulation and your heavy blankets and then deal with temperatures pushing near the freezing point. Things get a lot harder.


As for Japan there is much more snow in the forecast for the mountains that run from Hokkaido to Western Honshu in the country. Fantastic news for ski and snowboard resorts who were struggling to even open up fully at the start of the season.


This past weeks snow storm did help out though, in one location in northern Hokkaido a whopping 270cm or nearly 9ft was reported. The video below shows what it looks like at this location that seen the heavy snowfall.


Whats the forecast like? It looks fairly impressive heading in to the weekend in fact, the cold surge that will bring cool temps to south east China will also trigger up a snow storm over Japan. Including the Tokyo area we could see some flurries Saturday evening  while inland areas of course will see much more. In fact some areas of Hokoriku by Monday could see up to 50cm of snowfall. (Fingers crossed)


That is all for me today, check out the other updates on the page for more information on the tropics and around the area.


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