The “Big Chill” sweeps over North East Asia with record cold temperatures

The Big Chill really did just that, brought a BIG chill across much of North East Asia this past weekend bringing record setting temperatures to Okinawa, Taiwan and Southern China.


In Okinawa the first ever recorded measurable snowfall was reported in Nago. In the past we have seen sleet on the island but never enough for JMA to report official “snowfall”. The most notable instance was in winter of 1974.
The temperature also dropped to a record low of 4 in Naha.


Kids Make a Snowman in Okinawa

Kids Make a Snowman in Okinawa

In Taiwan Taipei reported snowfall while temperatures dropped to near the freezing point.

In Kagoshima Japan the freezing point dropped below freezing and 14cm of record breaking snowfall fell in the southern prefecture of Kyushu Japan. The active volcano Sakura Jima was snow capped quite beautifully Monday morning.

Hong Kong reported frost and ice buildup in some areas in the city. The low reached 3.1C. The coldest since 1957.


Hong Kong

Keep in mind if you are from a warmer climate and thinking “that is nothing”. Well it may be for you but take away your heating, your warm cloth, your house insulation and your heavy blankets and then deal with temperatures pushing near the freezing point. Things get a lot harder.

That is why in Taiwan alone at least 85 deaths were reported due to hypothermia this past weekend.

Big Change in the forecast

Indeed the mercury is on the rise over the coming days. In fact Naha will be pushing above the average of 19 up to 24. This is due to a low pressure area out of southern china pushing north and with it tropical air masses. By next weekend we are also looking at wide spread rainfall across Japan, especially western Japan. This could bring a flood threat to those areas that just received a high amount of snowfall this past weekend.

Check your local forecast here. 

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