Mystery Tsunami Covered Japan On This Date Over 300 Years Ago


Kanagawa Wave

Kanagawa Wave

On This date January 27, 1700, a mysterious tsunami stole through several villages on the eastern coast of Japan. This was known as the “orphan tsunami” due to the high amount of orphaned kids in the region.

The mysterious wave was in fact apart of a massive quake in the present day Washington area. With a magnitude 9.0 a shot out a massive shock wave across the ocean.

Of course in 1700 no ocean wide tsunami alerts were in place so people had no idea that a massive quake struck the other side of the wave 2

The waves reached as high as 12 feet and flooded rice paddies, washed away buildings and damaged fishing shacks and salt kilns. Sleeping villagers awoke startled and wet and had to hastily scramble to high ground. The waters knocked down oil lamps and started a fire in one village and destroyed 20 houses in another.

Geologist state this faul that launched that massive tsunami is over due to fracture. Good news now is if it does the warning will be much better than what happened 300 years ago. -Robert

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