Rare Snowfall Creates Travel Chaos in Southern China

Rare snow fell in Southern China’s Guangdong province Tuesday resulting in wide spread travel problems for those on the roads, in the air and as seen here on the trains.


Que to get in to the Train Station

At its peak up to 100,000 passengers were stranded at Guangzhou’s train station by Tuesday evening due to delays caused by the weather further to the north of the city.


To make matters worse this occurred running up to Chinese New Year Travel Season. One of the largest migrations of people on earth as people leaves the cities to head to rural areas or overseas.


The station can hold about 43,000 people; with many more than that number of people waiting there was thousands of people outside just waiting to get inside.


It is not common to get snowfall this far south and the end result was the delays.  At least the forecast looks better with still chilly temperatures this week but much better conditions as far as precipitation. In Guangzhou city partly cloudy skies are expected through the rest of the work week as high pressure settles in from the north.


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