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Spring Storm To Dominate Japan This Weekend

A potent winter storm moving through North East Asia is ushering in March – April like temperatures across Japan this weekend along with wide spread heavy rainfall.

For snow lovers this is about as far away from a valentine’s day present from mother nature (in Japan women give men presents on Vday) as possible. A few factors coming together will bring strong southerly winds across Taiwan and Japan by Friday into Saturday. This includes above average temperatures in southern china and a strong high over Japan helping to funnel southerly winds north and force a upper level ridge to climb north over Japan.

temperatures - コピー

For those in the mountains even at the mountain peaks rain will probally still be seen on Saturday and in to Sunday morning. The freezing level is expected to climb to about 3,000 meters. I would still recommend to go as high as possible on the mountain to find the best chance of snow. (Be careful of the extreme threat of avalanche though)

In Tokyo you might be able to wear a t-shirt (or at least a sweater) on Saturday and Sunday Make sure to have an umbrella with you though as heavy rainfall is expected throughout the day Sunday.

Discussing the Storm on NHK TV

Discussing the Storm on NHK TV

Strong southerly winds will push the mercury up in Tokyo to around 20c but it is possible for some areas of the city to get in to the mid 20s by Sunday afternoon.

Saturday Tem

Saturday Temperature annomaly

If you do not like the warmth have no worry, by Monday a big surge of cold air will blast its way through Japan and cause temperatures to drop to a more seasonal level. Plus more snow will be seen across the mountains of Honshu.