Record Heat Gives Way to Cold Surge, Tropics Are Calm, Monday Outlook

Despite the record breaking heat across Japan this past weekend we are now looking ahead in to Monday in to Tuesday and it looks like Winter is coming in at full strength once again.


On NHKWORLD discussing the recent warm temps

On NHKWORLD discussing the recent warm temps

The record heat though was indeed something out of the ordinary. Even in to the mountains of Niigata and Nagano heavy rain was coming down at times on ski slopes that typically see a good 30cm of snowfall a day this time of year.


In Tokyo strong southerly winds ushered in temperatures in to the mid-20s by early afternoon Sunday. Those same strong winds also created dangerous surf along the Japan coast, the water was still freezing cold so I am sure no beach goers really cared.


But what goes up must come down, and so is the case with large ridges in the upper level Jet. A large trough typically will soon follow. This week that is the case with cold air dropping in out of Siberia early this week.  That is along with just enough moisture to create the chance of snowfall in the Tokyo area.


Japan Monday Night

Japan Monday Night

Most of the Sea of Japan coast will be in a normal winter patter and will expected 20-30cm through Monday.


(Side note, on what goes down must come up… next weekend we could see another warm spell across Japan)


In Taiwan the southern extent of the latest cold surge is bringing light rain to the island.


As far as the latest cold surges are concerned, it is keeping things nice and calm in the Tropics. With so much violence with the Jet stream to the north and wind shear being pushed south our Western Pacific Tropical Weather has been very calm.  Some of the calmest in years out here, a nice break from what we seen last year this time. (And the year prior)

tropical risk

Enjoy it for now. The tropics may kick up again here next month, for now nothing on the horizon.

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