Another Strong Low, Snow or Rain? Weekend Snow Outlook Feb 19th 21st

Another potent winter storm is rolling over Japan this coming weekend bringing warming temperatures and wide spread rainfall. The good news is that this storm will be slightly colder than last weeks meaning the tops of the mountains across Nagano and Niigata should be cold enough for some decent amount of snow to fall.


Those across the Pacific coast of Japan will see a surge of strong southerly winds as well pushing temperatures in to the high teens about 6-8 degrees above average on Friday and Saturday.


This will come along with heavy rainfall though by Saturday afternoon in to the evening hours associated with the passing low. Behind it things will cool down dramatically as a large cold high dives in out of Siberia. So the warm up will be short lived for Japan and Korea as things start to look more “winter” like by Sunday in to Monday. If you want to enjoy what is left of winter through the rest of this and next month check out Tokyosnowclub. A fun and easy way to get in to the mountains in Japan.


(For those looking for information on the tropics, its still calm out there so nothing to worry about, enjoy the down time in the typhoon activity)

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