Daily update- Thursday, February 25, 2016

NWPAC outlook, 25 FEB

NWPAC outlook, 25 FEB

Weak pulses of cooler air continue to roll through the northernmost reaches of eastern Asia and the NWPAC, while the central region remains mired in clouds. The south continues its run of abnormally intense heat, while the tropics serve up another dose of scattered moisture. 


As one weather system exits to the northeast of Japan, and the north region, another weaker storm system is rolling through northeastern China and Korea today. This system will reinforce the cooler air in place, and will really amount to nothing more than a wind shift and a feed of new, drier air. Another pulse of cooler air is moving through Mongolia, and will help lower temperatures and bring a few snow showers to the country later this evening. A new wave of moisture riding along the jet stream is moving into the region from the west, and will bring a few more clouds, and possibly some showers, to parts of the region by tomorrow. For today, most locations will see a fine day, with a few scattered clouds amidst the sunshine.

City High Temp C (F) Low Temp C (F) Conditions
Ulaanbaatar -6 (21) -17 (1) PM Snow Showers
Vladivostok -4 (25) -17 (1) Partly Cloudy
Beijing 6 (43) -6 (21) Partly Cloudy
Seoul 6 (43) -4 (25) Partly Cloudy
Tokyo 6 (43) 1 (34) Partly Cloudy
Xi’an 17 (63) -1 (30) Partly Cloudy
Shanghai 11 (52) 4 (39) Fair



Moisture streaming in along the jet stream continues to roll over most of the central region, and is being aided by ripples of remaining energy associated with a nearby frontal system, helping to bring considerable cloudiness and a few showers, especially across Taiwan and the coastal areas of southeastern China. Another pulse of moisture is also making its way into western portions of the region, bringing showers to central China. Temperatures are cool, held back by the deep cloud cover, but look to rebound in the coming days.

City High Temp C (F) Low Temp C (F) Conditions
Kunming 3 (37) -1 (30) Rain
Hong Kong 16 (61) 13 (55) Cloudy
Taipei 15 (59) 14 (57) Cloudy
Iwo To 8 (47) -1 (30) Partly Cloudy
Hanoi 16 (61) 13 (55) Cloudy



Intense heat continues to bear down on parts of the south region, but has eased off just a bit as compared to the past 2 days. Still, temperatures are very high across portions of Indochina, as the seasonal monsoon rides over the coastal mountain ranges and dries out the air, letting the bright sunshine beam right through. Temperatures are relatively normal across the remainder of the region, with just a few scattered clouds mixed in with the sun.

City High Temp C (F) Low Temp C (F) Conditions
Siem Reap 34 (93) 21 (70) Fair
Ho Chi Minh 34 (93) 23 (73) Fair
Manila 31 (88) 23 (73) Partly Cloudy
Davao City 33 (91) 23 (73) Partly Cloudy
Brunei 30 (86) 26 (79) Partly Cloudy
Singapore 32 (90) 26 (79) Partly Cloudy



Relatively strong convergence along the I.T.C.Z. (Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone) is helping fire off showers and scattered thunderstorms across many locations in the tropics. The activity is not organized in any way, but is widely scattered across the entire region. Most of the shower activity will be focused in the Marshall Islands and also western Micronesia, where an upper-level low-pressure area continues to slide slowly westward. Temperatures will be warm across the region, with slightly cooler air in the northernmost island locations.

City High Temp C (F) Low Temp C (F) Conditions
Guam 26 (79) 22 (72) Partly Cloudy
Yap 31 (88) 25 (77) Scattered T-storms
Palau 31 (88) 24 (75) PM Thunderstorms
Chuuk 29 (84) 26 (79) Decreasing Clouds
Pohnpei 29 (84) 26 (79) Decreasing Clouds
Majuro 29 (84) 27 (81) PM Showers
Wake 27 (81) 23 (73) Partly Cloudy

Have a thrilling Thursday!

Courtesy: CIMSS, HKO, Tropical Tidbits, Intellicast, Weather.com, MeteoEarth

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