Daily update- Wednesday, February 24, 2016

NWPAC outlook, 24 FEB

NWPAC outlook, 24 FEB

The cold air in the north moderates a bit as a storm system leaves the region to the east. The central stays mild, with lots of clouds and moisture hanging around. The south continues to crank out the heat, while the tropics start to moisten up a bit. 


The latest storm system is exiting the region to the east of Japan today, dragging in some cloudiness and showers along the way. Tokyo could see a few snow showers tonight as residual moisture gets squeezed out by near-freezing temperatures. Elsewhere across the interior locales of the north region temperatures are moderating just a bit as the sun’s angle increases, and brings longer days and more warming. Most locations will see scattered clouds and lots of sunshine.

City High Temp C (F) Low Temp C (F) Conditions
Ulaanbaatar -8 (18) -26 (-15) Partly Cloudy
Vladivostok -8 (18) -17 (1) Fair
Beijing 8 (46) -4 (25) Fair
Seoul 2 (36) -5 (23) Fair
Tokyo 8 (46) 1 (34) Cloudy
Xi’an 13 (55) 2 (28) Partly Cloudy
Shanghai 9 (48) -1 (30) Fair



Clouds and showers continue to slide over most of the central region today, as the jet stream trucks in moisture from the southwest over the region. Just about everyone in the central region will see clouds today, and most locations will see a few showers as well. Temperatures are slightly cooler in the region as high pressure builds in, and temperatures look to warm up a bit in the coming days.

City High Temp C (F) Low Temp C (F) Conditions
Kunming 5 (41) 1 (34) PM Showers
Hong Kong 15 (59) 12 (54) Showers
Taipei 15 (59) 13 (55) Rain
Iwo To 7 (45) -1 (30) Partly Cloudy
Hanoi 15 (59) 13 (55) Cloudy



Intense heat continues to build up each afternoon across the south region, and today will be no exception. Above-average highs will affect most of Indochina this afternoon under the bright sunshine. Eastern seaboards of Vietnam and the Philippines will still see moisture and clouds as the seasonal northeast monsoon brings in the moisture from the sea. Aside from Singapore, which will see their usual dose of afternoon thunderstorms, everyone will see a nice, but very warm, day ahead with plenty of sunshine.

City High Temp C (F) Low Temp C (F) Conditions
Siem Reap 34 (93) 21 (70) Fair
Ho Chi Minh 36 (97) 23 (73) Partly Cloudy
Manila 33 (91) 23 (73) Fair
Davao City 35 (95) 23 (73) Fair
Brunei 30 (86) 26 (79) Partly Cloudy
Singapore 29 (84) 26 (79) Thunderstorms



The tropics remain quiet for now, with just a few weak disturbances sliding westward along the general flow of the I.T.C.Z. (Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone). An upper-level low pressure area is drifting westward, as it exits the Mariana Islands and western Micronesia, bound for the Philippines this weekend. Some low-level moisture is also present with this feature, allowing for the development of showers and a few scattered thunderstorms, as the moisture gets lifted into the cold pool of air in the higher levels during the peak of afternoon heat. Winds will be gusty in the eastern locales of the tropics, with tropical convergence affecting the Marshall Islands and a pulse of continental energy affects Wake Island.

City High Temp C (F) Low Temp C (F) Conditions
Guam 27 (81) 22 (72) Thunderstorms
Yap 31 (88) 25 (77) Scattered T-storms
Palau 31 (88) 24 (75) Fair
Chuuk 29 (84) 26 (79) PM Thunderstorms
Pohnpei 29 (84) 26 (79) Thunderstorms
Majuro 29 (84) 27 (81) Ptly Cloudy & Windy
Wake 27 (81) 23 (73) Ptly Cloudy & Windy

Have a wacky Wednesday!

Courtesy: CIMSS, HKO, Tropical Tidbits, Intellicast, Weather.com, MeteoEarth

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