Northern Japan has been blasted by one of the more potent storms of this winter season.


The worst hit areas are across Hokkaido where hundreds remain without power today and one community in Utoro has been completely cut off when the only highway in to the town was submerged in the heavy snow.


A incredible amount of total accumulation has hit the area in the past 48hrs. Some places over a meter of total.  This combined with winds gusting up to typhoon strength has been for dangerous travel conditions across not only Hokkaido but further south in to Tohoku and Hokoriku.



On Monday over 110 schools were closed across the country and over 150 flights were cancelled out of Sapporo alone. Something to note with the schools as well, many children are having their graduation ceremonies today in Hokkaido. And with the blizzard it looks like those will need to be cancelled.


Blizzard warnings remain in effect today with an additional 40cm expected in Hokkaido and Tohoku.  While in Hokoriku we could see up to 35cm of total snowfall. Keep in mind all of this is along the Sea of Japan coastline, so Tokyo will not get any snowfall. In fact it will be sunny through out Tuesday and Wednesday.


Winds up to typhoon strength is also still possible. Blizzard warnings remain in effect on all of Japans Northern Island, and along the Sea of Japan coastline of Honshu as far south as Nagano.



For the most part the snow should taper off through Tuesday evening in to Wednesday for Central Honshu and Hokkaido.  In Hokkaido though another system will move through late week ushering in more snowfall across the island.


As far as central and western areas, spring like weather is on the way. Temperatures in Tokyo will climb to 18-19 by Sunday pushing April to may like at times.





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