Japan Weekend Snow Outlook March 11th – 13th

The weather feels much more winter like today across Japan as temperatures dive in to the single digits for the highs in most major cities.

Even in the Tokyo area we seen a rain/snow mix in the morning hours. Cloudy skies remain in place for the rest of the day as well keeping things chilly as the sun remains blocked out.


This will surely make things gloomy for those attending 3/11 memorials this afternoon. Now five years after the Great North East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Here for more information.


As far as the snow forecast though what we are seeing is the cold winter air but all and all not to much snowfall occurring outside of some areas in Western Hokkaido where sea effect snow will be on going thanks to a gentle westerly wind. The best resort to be at this weekend is Kiroro but overall the further north you go the better.


Good call for those going to Zao this weekend (forecast below). A trace to a centimeter of snow is possible but good news temperatures will remain below freezing. A nice change from the mild above 0 weekends we have been seeing across central Japan for seen weeks now.


Enjoy the cold air while it last though, next week it looks like spring will start to make a comeback across Japan.


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