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Daily update- Tuesday, March 15, 2016

NWPAC outlook, 15 MAR

NWPAC outlook, 15 MAR

Warm, spring-like weather continues across the northern two-thirds of eastern Asia and the NWPAC, as the southern one-third bathes in summertime heat. The tropics remain quiet, but continue to warm, with no cyclone development in sight. 


Warm, spring-like temperatures continue to build across the north region today, with a slight cool-down scheduled for the upcoming weekend. The north region will see a fine day today, as Japan clears out, and a couple of weak pulses of drier air pass through northern Japan and Mongolia.

City High Temp C (F) Low Temp C (F) Conditions
Ulaanbaatar 7 (45) -11 (12) Partly Cloudy
Vladivostok 7 (45) -5 (27) Partly Cloudy
Beijing 16 (61) 1 (34) Partly Cloudy
Seoul 11 (52) 1 (34) Fair
Tokyo 12 (54) 1 (34) Partly Cloudy
Xi’an 21 (70) 7 (45) Partly Cloudy
Shanghai 13 (55) 7 (45) Fair



The central region will also see a pretty nice day, with the exception of Taiwan, which is still dealing with moisture and instability associated with the tail-end of a frontal system to the south. Southeastern China could also see some clouds from this feature, but will remain dry. The remainder of the region will see a warm spring day, with plenty of sunshine.

City High Temp C (F) Low Temp C (F) Conditions
Kunming 24 (75) 13 (55) Ptly Cloudy & Windy
Hong Kong 18 (64) 14 (57) Cloudy
Taipei 15 (59) 13 (55) Periods of Rain
Iwo To 10 (50) 5 (41) Partly Cloudy
Hanoi 23 (73) 16 (61) Partly Cloudy



The south region will see more heat and building humidity today. The warmest air will be located over the southern Philippines, where the island of Mindanao could see dangerous heat indices this afternoon. Most locations will remain dry today, with a few morning thundershowers over interior portions of Indochina, and some scattered thunderstorms in Malaysia and Brunei.

City High Temp C (F) Low Temp C (F) Conditions
Siem Reap 33 (91) 26 (79) AM Thunderstorms
Ho Chi Minh 34 (93) 25 (77) Partly Cloudy
Manila 32 (90) 23 (73) Partly Cloudy
Davao City 36 (97) 24 (75) Fair
Brunei 31 (88) 26 (79) Sct Thunderstorms
Singapore 33 (91) 26 (79) Thunderstorms



The tropics are once again very quiet, with very little in the way of shower and thunderstorm development expected over most of the region. The I.T.C.Z. (Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone) remains inactive, with a diffuse ripple of energy sliding along through central and western Micronesia. Most locations in the tropics will see plenty of sunshine, with just a few scattered clouds.

City High Temp C (F) Low Temp C (F) Conditions
Guam 27 (81) 22 (72) Partly Cloudy
Yap 32 (90) 25 (77) Partly Cloudy
Palau 32 (90) 25 (77) Cloudy
Chuuk 32 (90) 27 (81) Partly Cloudy
Pohnpei 30 (86) 26 (79) AM Showers
Majuro 29 (84) 27 (81) Ptly Cloudy & Windy
Wake 26 (79) 23 (73) Ptly Cloudy & Windy

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Courtesy: CIMSS, HKO, Tropical Tidbits, Intellicast,, MeteoEarth

*Updated* Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast Earlier Than Average

This winter has been much warmer than normal across Japan resulting in a relatively low snow pack for the country and possibly leading to a shorter than normal ski/snowboard season.




This is also being reflect for those looking forward to spring and the cherry blossoms. Specifically the Somei Yoshino which bloom in late March to early April. The record earliest bloom is March 16th for Tokyo, this year it does not look like that record will be broken but it could come close with the current forecast for the first bloom in the city occurring on Monday the 21st of March.


Curious why the cherry blossoms are so popular? Check out this video I made below.

In January a most of the plum blossoms bloomed exceptionally early as well.