Late Winter Cold Surge to bring blast of cold air across East Asia this week

For those who want one last taste of winter this spring you may be in luck. The forecast points towards a clear cold surge that will usher in January temperatures as far south as Vietnam and the Northern Philippines later this week.

The storm that will trigger this is a potent low pressure area that has been bringing flooding conditions to south eastern China. Some locations in Guangdong province have seen well over 200mm of rain in the past 48hrs. The result has been river flooding damaging crops and submerging hundreds of homes. CCTV reports at least 38,000 people have been effected.

Flood 2

Since the ground here is already saturated the threat of more flooding will continue through Wednesday and Thursday until the rain lets up.


Key thing to note is after it impacts China it will head east instead of North East. Meaning cool air will spill in all the way from Siberia in to the tropics ushering in a late winter ( or early spring ) cold surge across the region.


Temperatures as far south as Hanoi and Baguio in the northern Philippines will see a considerable drop. Hanoi will go from 27 for the high on Wednesday to just 17 on Thursday.


This also means one last burst of sea effect snowfall across Japan.  Some areas mostly in Niigata, Nagano and Aormori could see over 30cm of snow in to Friday. Western Hokkaido may see up to 10-20cm or more if the winds are correct.

sea effect

After this surge passes conditions will rebound to more spring like temperatures in to next week.


Perfect time to Hanami or go “flower viewing” across Japan for the cherry blossoms.





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