One death and one missing person is being blamed on Cyclone Zena, a once Category 3 Cyclone (Fiji Scale) that pushed by Fiji overnight Wednesday in to Thursday morning.


Max winds reported in Nadi on the Fiji west coast was 35kts while Suva the capital missed the worst of the storm. The winds were not that intense but the rainfall total has been staggering.


In total over 600mm of precipation in the course of 5 days was reported in Nadi. This is over triple the amount the city gets in the entire course of April on average.

Western Fiji was one of the worst impacted areas. Here schools were been closed this week and much of the region was running on limited power.  Over 3,500 people were moved to evacuation shelters as dozens of homes became submerged from a Tropical depression earlier this week.


Good news is that today dry air is flowing in behind the storm bringing clearer skies to Fiji for the first time in a week. The storm itself is also weakening out quickly as it tracks in to an area of increased wind shear and dry air. Tonga could get some additional rainfall from it but nothing to severe is expected in the forecast.


A much more powerful Cyclone Winston hit Fiji in late February killing 44 and leaving some of the smaller islands completely devastated.

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