Record Melting Takes Place in Greenland

Its like a scene out of the block buster disaster movie “The Day After Tomorrow”. Rapid melting in the green land ice cap at first being thought of as a error by climate scientist but soon being realized the truth. The data is correct.

On Monday the 11th of April 2016 Greenland started to melt as temperatures pushed to record highs.  In some of the low lying areas temperatures were reported around 18C while on the glacier the mercury climbed to around 3-4C. This may seem cold to you but is a balmy summer day on the ice.

This was a result of a high latitude ridge ushering in unusual warm southerly




These graphics show just how much melting took place on Monday compared to Sunday.


To put it in more perspective this graph show the mean ice melt around the year on the ice cap with that freakish blue line being the start of April. It’s no wonder climate scientist thought it was a error at first.


In fact Danish temperature records going back to 1873 confirm this has never happened before.


You might think immediately global warming but the reality is it is but in a indirect way.  To make it clear, it is not the start of a sudden and radical climate shift. More so a ramification of the on-going changing climate.


With the temperatures in the poles heating up to new record levels every year you can expect a more meandering jet stream because of the more shallow gradient between cold temperatures north of the polar front jet and south of it. Think of a river in a shallow plain compared to one on a mountain side.


What this means is more extreme dips in the Jet Stream along with cold and warm waves and in this case. A record setting warm wave.


Lets hear your thoughts, what do you think caused this most recent heat wave in one of the coldest places on earth.  Furthermore don’t forget to subscribe and check out We will be posting more and more of these videos plus this week the Typhoon Seasonal outlook will be posted.


Thanks and stay safe out there.




Now don’t expect mega land hurricanes and tsunamis to come anytime soon, but… this is just one event amidst global ramifications from on – going climate change around the world.



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