Kumamoto and Earthquake Hit Area Forecast

Tremors continue across Western Japan at the start of the work week today forcing already weak structures to collapse and loosened ground to slide.


From a weather standpoint the loose ground combined with heavy rains on Saturday pushed several hill sides to the breaking point resulting in massive land and mudslides.

Over 50 were reported in the area with the largest washing out a suspension bridge and damaging homes.


Today the weather is much better with light rain in the morning but clearing by the afternoon in Kumamoto.  The biggest impact from weather in to Tuesday will be cool temperatures through the night hours. With many people staying outside due to fear of aftershocks many will be dangerously cold as temperatures drop to just 7C in to Tuesday morning in Kumamoto.


Good news is that sunnier skies during the day should dominate through Wednesday, but by Thursday another low pressure area moving in out of China will bring an additional bout of rainfall to the quake effected region. More landslides are possible when this occurs, albeit the rainfall should not be as intense as Saturdays the threat is still there.


96hr rainfall accumalation (ecmwf)

96hr rainfall accumalation (ecmwf)

Additional the landslide and rainfall warning threshold has been lowered due to the ground being loosed in due to the quake.

At this time 42 people have been killed since Thursday due to the earthquake.

More than 1,000 people have been treated for injuries in hospital. Doctors and nurses from other prefectures have been sent to the shelters in the quake-hit area to treat the injured. At one point over 200,000 people were in shelters.

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