Very Intense Tropical Cyclone Fantala Lingers Off Of Madagascar

A powerful cyclone continues to swirl off the Northern Coast of Madagascar this week. At one power the US Militarys Joint Typhoon Warning Center rated the storm an equivalent of a Cat 5 Typhoon while the MeteoFrance out of La Reunion (The Official Warnings on the Storm) show the storm as a “Very Intense Tropical Cyclone” with winds sustained at 222kph Tuesday Morning.



The storms track is not 100% certain at this time as a lack of steering flow is causing it to wobble back east then west again in the forecast. Really skirting the coastline of Madagascar in the process. Good news while all this is happening it should continue to weaken, the slow movement combined with outer rain bands could bring some heavy rainfall and possible flooding along the northern coastline of the island.




Images of this storm at its peak is rather impressive and is why despite it being in the Indian Ocean and not in the Western Pacific I felt compelled to write a quick update on this beast.


In February of 2015 the country was hit by severe floods killing 14 people and leaving 24,000 homeless. “Photo Below”.

2015 Flooding

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