The globe has been growing through a unprecedented heat wave this year with the hottest global average on record set in January only to be broken in February and now as scientist look back at March they have confirmed that that month shattered the previous record.  A full 1.22C or 2.20F above the global 20th century average.


In fact if we look back at the past six months each one has set a record for the respective months since records began in 1880.


The steady buildup of temperatures globally over the recent months is a result of climate change enhanced by human activities including trapped greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


Plus an abundance of heat has been released from the eastern pacific ocean due to the intense El Nino we have seen in 2015 in to 2016.


The globe on an average is warming but what this does result in is more extremes in the average weather pattern, this does not only mean heat waves but also cold snaps due to wavering in upper level Jet Stream.


This Meme here really demonstrates what someone sounds like when they say “so much for global warming” when it snows out of season.


More and more people that that believe climate change is not real are becoming a minority. And with predications of where things are going coming true over and over again that minority will become even smaller.

Video below is from last week during a unprecedented amount of ice melting on the Greenland Ice Sheet.




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