Spring Storm Brings Damaging Winds, Water Spouts and Heavy Rainfall To Japan

A violent storm system is ripping its way across North East Asia today bringing with it damaging winds and heavy rainfall. This storm in no sense is a tropical system but is a clear case as to why when warnings are put out saying “typhoon equivalent winds “ one should prepare as such.


A clear case of this was in Okinawa where our military friends lost some trampolines in the high winds. One would think in typhoon country these things would be made illegal or at the very least an ordinance put in place that states they need to be tied and weighted down.  This will be one of those things that probably will never be changed until a trampoline blows in to a Japanese family’s home. Until then every windy day we will see these images.


Crystal Pitcher Facebook

Crystal Pitcher Facebook

But I digress…  also in Okinawa a water spout was seen off the coast of Toori beach, the “tatsumaki” never came on shore but close enough to raise some eyebrows.


Further north high winds also blew through central Japan, including the Tokyo area where winds up to 100kph were clocked. Even on my walk in to work this morning I seen a few “dead umbrellas” due to the high winds.


Good news this storm is moving FAST with dry air swiftly wrapping in behind it. Clear skies will move in across Western Japan and Korea (whom also was hit hard by the storm) through the day on Wednesday.


As the storm cruises north east it will force temperatures down for a short time behind it before things start to warm up heading in to Thursday and Friday with southerly winds and clearing skies.

Dry air on Water Vapor rolling in behind the storm

Dry air on Water Vapor rolling in behind the storm

So for now the weather has been horrible but at least the rest of the Golden week Holiday things look much better, so get out there and enjoy!


As for me if anyone is in the Zushi, Kanagawa area on Thursday I will be attending Skate Day at the Zushi film festival. Some fun times there if anyone wants to check that out.

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