Passing of Great Man, Donald Ellis

DonaldIt is with a heavy heart that we have learned that Donald Ellis, Owner of Philippine 1st Weather Watch & Helpful Information, A Westpacwx Team Writer and a all around great guy passed away Thursday morning at his home in Davao, Philippines.

He had been battling cancer for some time now and been rather strong keeping up his strength while in his free time working to save lives in the most typhoon prone country in the world.

He put out serious but blunt information to people on his facebook page ahead of storms, took the time and effort to consult local officials about incoming hazards and never shied away from questions from people whom were concerned about possible weather hazards.

He often said doing weather updates and discussing storms was a good way to take his mind off his conditions and direct what energy he had somewhere positive and useful.

Every morning the Westpacwx team typically chats about the hazards of the day, quite often though those chats turn in to random topics about whatever is happening in our lives at the time. What we learned is Donald kept himself busy, was often worried about others and loved his garden which he commented about a few times.

There will be a hole left in Weather Community of the Philippines with his passing, he touched many people’s lives and will be missed.

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