Invest 90W Rings in 2016 as the first sign of activity in the Tropics

Invest 90W continues to keep our attention Wednesday morning in the South China Sea. The first actual sign of any sort of tropical activity in months has our weather team slowly awakening from its tropical hibernation.  This is just a little nudge out of our near record breaking calmness in the western pacific though.  There is not expectations on this storm become a named system as it slowly meanders to the north in to China through Thursday.

Invest 90W

Invest 90W

Despite it being labeled a “invest” by the US Military which is their way of basically saying we need to watch these clouds more closely there has been no other Meteorological agencies to put a label on this area outside of referring to it as a “passing trough”.

Regardless tropical disturbances like this bring the threat of heavy rainfall and the chance of flooding. Especially in flood prone areas including river valleys and locations with poor drainage. This would include urban areas like Manila.

Even further south in to Cebu there has been evacuations in place due to the persistent heavy rainfall causing urban flooding in the city.

Forecast Through Friday

Forecast Through Friday

The heaviest rainfall will be from Thailand through Cambodia in to Vietnam.  Here over 200mm in some areas is possible.  If we look east in to the Philippines though the West coast of Luzon will see heavy showers Wednesday before easing but not ending in to Thursday.  This comes on the same day as the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) declared the onset of the rainy season.  In a statement released by PAGASA, administrator Vicente Manalo said that “the southwest Monsoon was already upon the archipelago.”  This will provide relief from the drought conditions affecting portions of the Philippines.


Guangdong China will also get mixed up with this Atmospheric river being supported by the Invest area. Do not look at anything to intense as far as winds. But Persistant heavy rainfall could cause river flooding in these flood prone areas of Southern China.







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