Rainy Season Front / Ex Tropical Brings Flooding and Landslides in China

At least eight people are dead and over a dozen injured in Chinas Guangdong province following severe flooding and landslides this past weekend due to the annual “rainy season” front.

The nine deaths were tourist on a rafting trip in Guangdong. While on the river a flash flood hit drowning the vacationers. At this time there is an investigation in place as to why they were allowed to go rafting on a flash flood warned river in the first place.

Well over 70-80mm has been reported in southern areas of the country including Guangdong and Yunnan. Still in Yunnan today heavy rain warnings remain in place as up to 100mm is expected.

72hr Rainfall Accumalation (GFS , WX BELL)

72hr Rainfall Accumalation (GFS , WX BELL)

Meanwhile in Zheijiang province 3 died in a landslide this past weekend due to heavy rains. The local weather beurea stated that over 144mm of rain fell in just two hours where the landslide occurred. This soaked the ground and made it so heavy the mountain side could no longer support it and thus it gave way just after midnight Sunday.


In the Guangxi Autonomous Region a terrifying landslide was also captured on video. No injuries were reported in this one but it does show how powerful these slides can be.


These rains have been extremely heavy lately but in reality this is a annual occurrence and a part of life across China. Furthermore a Tropical Depression that formed off the southern coast of China last week came on shore late in the week bringing with it heavy rainfall for Guangdong and Hainan. This contributed to the amount of flooding and landslides we seen in the region.

The video below breaks down what the rainy season is and the dynamics that set up to produce it.

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