Dost TV PAGASA New “Philippine Weather Channel” Starts and Tropical Outlook

This week we have seen the start of a new program that looks promising from the government of the Philippines. It is a 1 hour podcast hosted by PAGASA discussing Meteorology in the Philippines. I have followed it the last few days and it seems like if the kinks are worked out the show could be a big educational tool and help for those in the country. (Kinks being more technical than anything, less to do with the content of the show.)

On the flip side the documentaries so far have been very interesting and engaging and would make any Filipino scientist proud. Especially the episode 2 storm chaser documentary that looked deep in to the PAGASA chasers and what they do .


Would like to see more weather on the show though, right now 2 minutes are crammed in basically a general synoptic situation layout and a 1 day forecast. More on whats going on out there in detail would be nice. All things considered though the show was only thought of 3 months ago. For a decent produced show that is a incredible feet.


Plus in my video above today I take a look at the tropics and what to expect (or not expect) in the coming days and take a look at the seasonal outlook from the westpacwx team.

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