Its Rainy Season Time, What Is It Though?

It’s the rainy season across  Japan, China and with the onset of the tropical south west monsoon it is also in place for the Philippines and most of South East Asia.


The question is, “What is the Rainy Season” then?


In the episode above of Westpacwx 101 we discuss the rainy season.

There are a few tips to remember if you are in any of the places that get this annual drencher. Every day ideas that you should keep in mind before heading out and about.


Tips for the Rainy Season

Tips for the Rainy Season

Lastly I do want to note the rainy season is all apart of a bigger process with the North East and South West Monsoons. The video below breaks down what both of them are and how they impact the seasons across East Asia and the Western Pacific.

Its not all gloom though in the rainy season, of of the symbols of the time is the Hydrangea, a flower that blooms in June and July during the peak of the wet season in Japan.

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