Severe Flooding Sweeps Away Cars Across Southern China City

The “Plum Rains” did not seem so innocent on Tuesday in the city of Luizhou China where over 250mm of rainfall occurred forcing the Liujiang River to burst its banks creating a torrent of mud and flood waters through the southern China city.


The video below shows the result of this horrific deluge which apparently hit rather swiftly. You can see people on top of cars in the video clinging on for their life as the vehicles wash through the streets.

At this time there has been no reports of casualties in THAT specific incident but over the past several weeks there has been casualties along with a estimated price tag of damages over 7.8 million dollars.


The spring rains are common for this time of year yet this years rains have been extra harsh on the southern areas of China.


This synoptic setup also brought torrential rainfall across Taiwan and in to the Southern Japanese islands as well. In Taiwan one 72hr rainfall report pushed over 600mm.  Okinawa also seen 143mm in just a 6hr span on Tuesday.


Good news is soon the front should start to move north with the changing of the season towards summer. This means areas from Shanghai north will start to feel the impacts of the rainy season front.


See how the rainy season works below.







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