Death Toll Rises in Western Japan, Thousands Advised to Evacuate

At least six people have been killed an a University student has gone missing due to the floods this week in Western Japan.

The rain seen over the last several days in Kyushu in many areas is equal to the entire months worth of rainfall.


Reports topped 600mm in the hardest hit areas.


Wide spread evacuation advisories have been issued in wide swaths of Kyushu. Including in the Kumamoto area where 49 died in Aprils earthquakes. The earthquakes have also left the ground unstable leaving it prone to landslide in the event of additional aftershocks or heavy rainfall.


In Hiroshima a train became derailed forcing operations to suspend. About 120 passengers were on board when it went off the tracks.


In Ehime Prefecture Thursday morning 35 people have been ordered to evacuate after a collapse on a levee wall for a pond. A total of 15 homes were reported to be threatened in this specific instance.


72hr rainfall Outlook VIA ECMWF

72hr rainfall Outlook VIA ECMWF

Good news is the forecast calls for a short break in the rain Thursday before conditions start to worsen again heading in to the weekend.  Storms are expected to kick back up in Kumamoto on Friday , the city is already fairly prone for landslides so the additional rainfall will put the area at even higher risk. The image below is the landslide threat map as of Thursday Morning.

Landslide Threat Map

Landslide Threat Map

Tokyo will also see passing showers Thursday morning before clearing up until Friday as well. Thunderstorms and wide spread showers are possible Friday night and Saturday as the next wave of energy rolls across Japan along the rainy season front.

Rainy Season Front Dynamics

Finally there is good news as far as the “Baiu” front itself, it is lifting north and is breaking a part, this means the rainy season should start to come to an end in the near future, hopefully before the start of July across Japan and then soon after in China.

China has been devastated by the same front this past week. Read the latest report on whats been going on there. 

The question for some is what is the rainy season?


In the episode above of Westpacwx 101 we discuss the rainy season.

There are a few tips to remember if you are in any of the places that get this annual drencher. Every day ideas that you should keep in mind before heading out and about.


Tips for the Rainy Season

Tips for the Rainy Season

Lastly I do want to note the rainy season is all apart of a bigger process with the North East and South West Monsoons. The video below breaks down what both of them are and how they impact the seasons across East Asia and the Western Pacific.

Its not all gloom though in the rainy season, of of the symbols of the time is the Hydrangea, a flower that blooms in June and July during the peak of the wet season in Japan.



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