Tropical Depressions forms near the Philippines, Possible TS by Friday

Its been an extremely slow start to the western pacific typhoon season with it already being late June and no named storm systems forming in the Western Pacific to date. That could change soon though with the announcent of a tropical depression in the south China sea according ot the Japan Meteorological agency. The forecast at this time takes the storm north west towards southern China or Vietnam with it becoming a tropical depression sometime on Friday.

Conditions in the south china sea are favorable for further deelopent of this storm. At least ot a tropical storm intensity, when this happens it will named Nepartak by the Japan Meteorological agency.

Even as a tropical storm this area of convection will be able to pull ample moisture in from the south west monsoon triggering the threat of flooding in the western Philippines, Vietnam and Haian as it tracks north.


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