Scattered Showers Continue Following Tropical Depression Ambo , Monday Outlook


Would you like some bacon with your scrambled eggs this morning? Tropical Depression Ambo has fallen apart just as swiftly as it organized this past weekend. At this time the Low level center is hard to find with mainly scattered 13483062_1205186802849076_5287284331149716994_othunderstorms circulation around the low across the Philippines Monday morning. This could shortly re-organize through mid-week but for the most part expect the energy from Ambo to be drawn in to the monsoonal gyre near Vietnam triggering heavy rainfall across SE Asia.


That will be the biggest threat going ahead is the wide spread rainfall from the low in the South China Sea and our now Tropical Depression.


According to JMA the TD is expected to become a tropical storm but to be honest I would be surprised if this becomes our first named storm of the year per the WMO. There would need to be a lot more organization taking place which could be hard due to an increase in vertical wind shear ahead of the storm.



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