Nepartak Leaves 3 Dead in Taiwan, Brings Rainfall In South East China


Typhoon Nepartak has left three dead over 60 injured in Taiwan after the storm slammed in to the island.

Key Points

    • Three people were killed and over 60 injured according to associated press.
    • Massive evacuations and warnings ahead of the storm likely led to the low death toll despite the intensity of the storm.
    • Max wind gust have been seen in Lanyu up to 256kph. That is at a higher elevation though, Taitung near sea level in SE Taiwan reported 200kph.
    • The mountains of Taiwan continue to do their classic job of squeezing out the moisture from the storm. With peaks nearly 3,000 meters high this range stops nearly all the rainfall from crossing the island.    mountain
    • Video Below was taken during the height of the storm in Taitung. One of the worst hit locations in Taiwan.



Landfall in China

The storm made landfall Saturday south of Fuzhou China. Now much weaker the wind threat is all but gone with the rainfall being the main issue. Good news the bulk of the rain will stay south of the Yangzi river basin where that entire area continues to deal with flooding from the rainy season front this past month. This past week alone over 120 people have died and millions have been effected by the floods. Video below is from one of those areas.


A buoy off the east coast of Taiwan from the University of Taiwan reported a low pressure of  897hpa. If this is validated JMA may need to re-analyze the lowest pressure on the storm from the lowest of 900hpa.


Record Breaking Slow Season

Despite this storm being so strong we have seen one of the longest streaks with no Typhoons in Recorded history and also the second latest named storm to ever form in the basin this year.

Conditions have just not been favorable for storm development with high shear really tearing apart any storms that even had a idea of forming in to a named system. This has a lot to do with the dynamics in the West Pacicic and how the atmosphere has been changing from a El Nino State to a La Nina one. Regardless it sure has made for some unusually calm weather recently. Especially coming off of the record breaking 2015 Typhoon Season.

Record Breaking Late Start to the Tropical Season

Record Breaking Late Start to the Tropical Season

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